Weekend Update #2

Well despite some bad weather and extreme humidity where I live, which defiantly is draining on the body. The weekend was productive, despite the sweat simple movements seemed to produce. I managed to 3,000 words in Rise (death and a dragon). Also I have managed to pass a minor milestone (or wordstone if you like), hitting 150 pages. Hopefully the weather will cool down, making writing less exhausting and more productive.

Until then. Happy writing and reading.

2nd (late) update of May

Well after passing 78,000 thousand words late last night, before just passing out. I was going to make this post last night but my mind was tired, as well was my body. Rise (death annd a dragon) is my main focus at the moment, since I have a decent plan for the chapter I’m currently writing. Which is defiantly exciting since I can finally bring a Dragonlord. Something I have hinted at throughout my story. Along with the chapter afterwards. The few after that is more like I have an idea of what I want to accomplish, to progress the plot forward.

Hopefully I can keep this pace throughout the month and reach maybe 100,000 words by the end of the month or close to it. Who knows I may even surpass it.

Well till I post a third update. Read well, and write even better. May your worlds feel real.

Weekend updates

Defiantly enjoyed the warm weekend weather and Free Comic Book Day (May 2nd). Picked up a few good free comics and bought some graphic novels when I was there. Walked around the neighborhood some, to enjoy the early warmth of may. Well outside of that I have written a little over 2,500 words over the past two days, Rise. Maybe an  additional 500 words in Anarchy.

Aprils end…

Well at the beginning of April I had 60 or so pages of Rise written. Now that April had concluded and the second day of May is almost upon us. I have 137 pages written. At my best guess at bout an average of 500 words per page and an additional 77 pages written. If my math is right and it usually is, that means I wrote 38,500 words in April. Defiantly a very productive month, overall.

Highlights of April:

  • going to Knoxville for the FIRST FRC Smokey Mountains Regional for my mentoring work
  • Managing to get this successfully set up, with tabs for my works, about me and book reviews
  • Getting even more novels to read at some point.
  • Lastly getting 38,500 words written in 30 days

So many characters …

Well after updating my character sheet for Rise (death and a dragon), I was astonished to see I had so many main characters.  I never thought I would have 21 main characters and I still haven’t even finished the novel.Not to mention 25 minor characters, and most likely more to come. There are a a few places, I still haven’t written about. I have mentioned them but haven’t written about them. Apparently my subconscious is trying to make my George R.R. Martian. I’m not sure if I should be impressed or annoyed, by that. Well I guess there could be worse things my subconscious could be doing.

I guess that means its time for a update and a minor observation I noticed as I write.

Progress goes decently well in Rise, but a little slow at times. I haven’t broken 70000 thousands words, but that should be done by the beginning of May. My other project Anarchy is a slow start since my primary focus is on Rise at the moment.

I have started to realize the more I write, the more a writer has to have a slight insanity and a lot of passion. Of course that means even a greater amount of drive, to write, to hone their craft. Now as a writer I understand the quote said by Henry Rollins, “You need a little bit of insanity to do great things.”  This quote can be applied to many different vocations. To me the quote can easily and without question be applied to authors, no matter the genre.

Update #3

Well as I search for another word for update, outside of progress or headway (haha). This update has three parts. The first one deals with an addition to the main page of the website, and the others do with story progress.

  1. Well I managed to get a “My works,” on the top of this page. It has a synopsis of my first book Nightshadow Chronicles. Also I have manged to organize my reviews page for books.
  2. Progress with Rise (death and a dragon) has been steady, and now totals over 67,000 words. With a 125 pages and growing by 3-5 pages a day.
  3. My story “Anarchy,” has managed to get a considerable progress over a short amount of time. Now 2,500 words in and six pages including a small prologue. However I will admit the more I write it, the more I feel like it would make a decent graphic novel. Downside, I can’t draw people consistently to save my own life. Maybe I will just write it out, being descriptively as I can and find someone to draw it.

Progress time

Well I have managed to write a total of 65,029 words in Rise after about 11 weeks of work. Also I have managed to type up a prologue for another story I’m working on called “Anarchy,” which will be interesting to write. I will be working on that until I manage to fall asleep at some point during the night.

Since my mom’s birthday is tomorrow, I doubt I will manage to get a large amount of work done on either stories. Hopefully, I can work on one of them during the day and the other during the night.  Getting about 1,000-1,500 words written in each story.

Progress and Updates

Well its two minutes to midnight, and I have ended the day with 63,700 words, in Rise. Hopefully I can keep this pace since I got over 2,500 words typed today.  Also I have scheduled several book reviews for over the rest of this week, and into may. This is more to organize my reviews section, so it looks more put together.