Late midweek update or Thursday update for August

thursday gif 2Well its been less than productive since I have been busy enjoying the actually decent weather that has come to where I live, making it actually feel like summer.

I started editing Rise, yesterday after getting what I could printed. It is a slow process since my printer likes to be stubborn. Outside of that I have started a couple new projects. The first is currently titled The Bureau, and is mixture of modern fantasy, science fiction,crime noir,  and paranormal. I plan on submitting for the WEP contest, called Spectacular Settings. In addition to that I have started a short story idea, I titled Spirits of the Forest. It is an expansion of my Six Sentence Story #11.  I will post the first section of it, in the next few days. Hopefully I can write a few more like it as my idea for a horror/fantasy themed anthropology idea, currently titled Strange Tales.

Creative resurgence


I’m starting to feel the spark of creativity return after almost two weeks of  nothing but faint embers. Hopefully I can get the spark roaring into a mighty flame, as I write the last remaining chapters of Rise. Even though the more I think on I want to change the name of the series as a whole, since I keep hinting that the march will begin once winters end. Maybe I’ll make the series name Seasons of Death and Dragons.

Even though the way I did this, makes me miss writing short stories. I’ll post some of the Six Sentence Stories, since I haven’t posted an actual sample of writing outside of just blog posts and book reviews.

Last possible update for June

Well after hitting my first goal for June less than a day ago to get 50 additional pages written in my main project Rise (death and a dragon). After getting that I turned my attention to my second project, Anarchy to accomplish my second goal for month of reaching 10,000 words in that which I managed to accomplish just about an hour or so ago.  That means out of the 7 goals I put forth for myself, I got three of them done. Of course given that we still have a day in left in June, I still have some time time to bolster that number.

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Also I have managed to set up a google sheet for my Writers spotlight Wednesday. I have a link to it on my homepage but I will also post the link here for those interested.Click here to fill out the sheet —>

Now to work on the rest of the goals in the short time that remains in the month.

Thursday update

thursday gif

Well it has been a productive few days since my last update. The inspiration may flow a little slower than it was over the weekend, but adding 1,000-1,500 words a day is something I’m okay with. It may not seem like much but progress is still progress no matter how small.

Also I have been thinking on doing some of the things I want to do in July. One of those is Writer Spotlight Wednesday. I’m relatively sure I want to shine the spotlight on Indie and Self-published authors. I may not have a lot of followers on here since my account is only a few months old, but I have over 300 followers on twitter. What is that old saying “All publicity is good publicity,” or something like that. Every little bit helps right?

If anyone I follow is interesting in being featured message on my twitter account or email me at:


batman thinking

I have begun to realize as much as I could make my main focus, 1000 pages and explore the possibilities i have hinted at I write,  It would be doubtful a publisher would take a chance a on it as one book. Especially since I’m not a well known author.  It feels like it would be better to split the novel into three or four parts, with a manuscript of around 300-350 pages a piece. Since I may have inadvertently written the chapter earlier today, that could be used for it. Despite not being near 300 pages yet, but I have yet to space out everything properly. Already at close to 250 pages, once I space out the 30+ chapters it will be there. It doesn’t help that I have hinted at lands across the sea, and another species of bipedal Anthropomorphic race. Along with so much more. Which may lead to a manuscript of close to 800- to 1000 pages, which is probably not a good idea for a new author. Maybe I will write it all at once than break it down into three or four pieces and make it a saga  instead of some giant standalone book.

As to my other current project, Anarchy. it is going well. My inspiration for that comes in spontaneous and random waves, which is frustrating at times. Since I’m more focused on turning it into a graphic novel, I’m writing it like one.I  guess I can’t hide the fact, that I grew up on old superheroro shows. One might say I was geeked at birth.

Progress time

Well I have managed to write a total of 65,029 words in Rise after about 11 weeks of work. Also I have managed to type up a prologue for another story I’m working on called “Anarchy,” which will be interesting to write. I will be working on that until I manage to fall asleep at some point during the night.

Since my mom’s birthday is tomorrow, I doubt I will manage to get a large amount of work done on either stories. Hopefully, I can work on one of them during the day and the other during the night.  Getting about 1,000-1,500 words written in each story.


Well despite my small writer’s block, with the progress of Rise (death and a dragon). I have managed to solidify the first chapter, or at least in my opinion. Hopefully I can do that for the next few chapters, before falling asleep some time tonight. That or I will start one of the other ideas that has been bouncing around in my head.