Review of Heart of Annihilation

Heart of AnnihilationHeart of Annihilation by C.R. Asay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review.

While the book isn’t the traditional take on the whole alien concept, it is however a refreshing breath of air into the idea. The book is well paced, and is equal parts action and plot. I could say more but that would just give the plot away, haha. If you want a different take on aliens, with a slight military edge to it this is the  book I would suggest.

Review of Under the Shadow of Darkness (Apprentice Series #1)

Under the Shadow of Darkness (Apprentice Series, #1)Under the Shadow of Darkness by James Cardona

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While this book is a decent read for a young-adult fantasy, I also thought there was a lot of unexplained backstory for the main characters. Hopefully if the author continues this series the backstory will be filled in with new books.

This book tells the story of Bel who is apprenticed to a the great Mage of the forest and their fight to close the breach that has been raising ghouls (undead) who have a thirst for blood. The journey is filled with peril,darkness and the occasional humor.

I got this book in exchange for an honest review.

Reviews of Transcendent Tales:Volume one

Transcendent Tales - Volume OneTranscendent Tales – Volume One by Adam Train
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I plan on reviewing each story individually, before giving my impressions on the book as a whole.

The legend of Skoll defiantly has a unique start of the tale, similar to oral story passed down generation to generation. I highly enjoyed this short story. It tells about the birth of the man named Skoll and his less then pleasant childhood as a slave. Eventually he escapes that life and becomes a bounty hunter. Near the end of the story he finds his homeland and imparts two lessons to his downtrodden people.

The New End has a very almost twilight zone feel to the story, at least in my opinion. It tells the story of a journalist who interviews the last man who knows he is gong to die. The man imparts his wisdom gained over his limited life to the journalist.

The Voyage of Windward Atoll has a very Poe vibe to the story. Is tell the story from the perspective of a deckhand and the journey of the ship to some cursed island upon the direction of a bronze-masked stranger.

The Third Realm is a more modern take on planetary exploration. It tells the story of how mankind discovered a parallel realm populated by Amela. The Amela guide humanity or at least to attempt to since the government controls access.

Prey is a very simple story that tells us about Homo sapiens encounter with Neanderthals and the conflict that comes about.

The treaty of nine -part 1 starts as a traditional science fiction story with a war between the human race and the Krahl’kahn who are what remains of their race. They fight over control of Mars. With the treasonous actions of a Krahl’kahn first mate a peace is achieved with the humans. Occasional skirmishes still happen from both sides but the peace lasts.

Saisho no kamikaze is about the brave Japanese samurai who are fighting against Mongol invaders.

Review of Warpworld (Warpworld #1)

WarpworldWarpworld by Kristene Perron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is defiantly worth picking up any fan of science fiction writing. The book plot reminds me a little bit of the tv show Stargate meets anthropology to some minor extant. The main character Seg is a cultural theorist who charters Ama’s boat to search for vita to prevent the Storm from expanding on his world. Ama and Segs relationship is simple to begin with but as Ama gets to know Seg she slowly begins to trust him. Meanwhile Ama father gets taken by in the authorities on Ama’s world in an attempt to find Ama and Seg. Near the end of the book Seg returns to Ama’s world to save her father as he promised. In addition Seg aids the rebellion on Ama’s world to overthrow the religious rulers of her world and the people who aid them while searching for the vita needed for his world. The book concludes by Seg and Ama returning to Seg’s world to explorer other worlds by Seg’s side. I’m defiantly looking forward to reading the next book.

Review of The Dragon Rises (The Triadine Saga #2)

The Dragon Rises (The Triadine Saga, #2)The Dragon Rises by Timothy Bond
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book picks up right where the last one picks up, with a rapid pace. It continues telling the tales of Karoel, Brandon the Bastard, Peter, Alexandra, Lady Olivia, Beron, Jon, The dragon god Barak (former servant of the Lord-God), Rendil, Brannis and the followers of the Lord-God Khall.

The book opens with Jon, Beron and Peter still in the watcher’s keep. Lady Olivia, Captain Clift, and Brandon the bastard still held captives by both the goblins and red robed priests. After the dragon fails to return for two days, they make their way out of the watchers keep. Eventually they go their separate ways after stopping at the home Karoel’s sister. As Peter travels with the husband of Karoel’s sister he gets captures by the king’s elite. In a humorous twist he is saved by the bandit lord and Ingk who senses that Peter is related to his close friend. After he finds out that Lady Olivia is still hostage he resolves to rescue her, with help from the now escaped Brandon the bastard. Jon and Beron meanwhile return to Jon’s village, where he married to the his lover. He reluctantly leaves to return to his unit, when he runs into Karoel. Lost on his journey Peter, finds his way back to the dellum, who lead him to Karoel, and Brandon the bastard.In the meantime Beron visits the oracle only to receive a cryptic vision. Rendil returns back from his accidental journey north, to the elves. In the end with help from Beron, Jon, Brandon the Bastard, and Finn (an elfling) save lady Olivia while searching for the second part of The Triandine, held in the caves Beron grew up in.

Defiantly worth picking up if you like quick, paced fantasy with bits of humor and a complex plot. I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Review of The Watcher’s keep (The Triadine Saga #1)

The Watcher's Keep (The Triadine Saga, #1)The Watcher’s Keep by Timothy Bond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five stars as a whole.

This is the first book I have read from the author so I wasn’t sure what to expect out side of the posted summary of the book. While the books plot seems simple, it gets very complex as it brings in more characters, more races and more points of view. This really aids the books as a whole.

The book tells me the story of the Chosen Ones of prophecy, along with a large number of other characters who are intertwined with prophecy directly or indirectly and the rising darkness. The Chosen Ones are two twin children Peter and Alexandra, who are living “normal” lives until the Guardians are killed by the Kings military and their spy master Brannis who is secretly controlling the king. Peter gets conscripted as he distracts the military after his sister. His sister successfully gets away and eventually makes to the Elven kings city. The book also introduces Karoel and a wizard named Rendil who are trying to aid the children in ways the children are unaware of, along with the villain Lord-God Khall, his bonded helpers, lady Olivia (who Peter is smitten with), Jon (peters best friend) and a dwarfs named Beron, along with a few more essential characters left out to prevent spoiling the novel.

As the story progresses along Peter is chosen to be a member of the Messenger Corps under a false name, which he easily excels and becomes trusted by the lady Olivia and commander Towe. Lady Olivia is a maiden for choosing along with others to be chosen as the wife of the king. As her fathers health is getting worse, she manages to escape (so to speak) to visit her father, followed by a rider in black and the bastard son of the king Brandon. Jon and Peter work side by side as Fox hunters (goblins) despite their military differences.

The church also plays a minor/major role since they deny the existence of dwarves, elves, goblins, trolls and anything else magical. This makes things difficult as the dwarves (Beron and his father)send an ambassadors, who are mistaken for cattle rustlers. while Beron manages to escape with help from commander Towe, despite his fathers death manages to make to the elves with help from Karoel.

The book concludes in a classic cliffhanger fashion with Beron, Jon and Peter in the watchers keep as Alexandra and her guard Darius are lost in a sea at storm, struck down by a artifact of great power stolen by the elves in the hands of lord-God Khall.

I received this book from goodreads giveaway.

Review of Distant Star:Volume one

Distant Star: Volume OneDistant Star: Volume One by W. Brad LaJeunesse

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To quote the back cover “Takes the space opera genre and adds a healthy dose of humor, humanity and the perils of relationships,” is an accurate description of the book. The book is equal parts humor as it is action, at least in my opinion. This book defiantly has a very quick pace that delivers humor, action, and character development as the back-stories of the characters are told throughout the book.

The book starts out with Grant and his engineer/friend/partner spot the Phaeton Saga as they navigate their way through an asteroid field. Lucky for them the Distant Star docks with it as their ship is slowly falling apart. They reluctantly enter the Phaeton Saga despite the lack of communication between the two of them.Grant and Skip make their way to the command bridge when they meet Scavengers (think space pirates) and Tabby. Tabby manages to help Grant and the unconscious Skip escape by fooling the Scavengers. Lucky for them Tabby is an apprentice engineer and manages to jerry-rig their engines so they can get away.On the way to drop Tabby of at home, Samantha Grant’s ex-bride to be places a bounty on them since she is vindictive about being left at the alter. They manage to land on Tabby’s home planet, unknown of the bounty on their head. Fortunately Grant’s family sends David before they can get arrested for a crime they didn’t commit. With a less then graceful escape David, Skip, Tabby, and Grant manage to get away from Tabby’s home world.The plot continues to unfold as Grant tries to figure out to do about the bounty on his head and Tabby’s past.

Eventually they manage to get the Distant Star back on it’s course to deliver it’s cargo. Grant, David and Skip find out about Tabby’s past. Eventually they arrive back on Earth after the Scavengers from before manage to wound Grant before David dispatches them. Samantha attempts to hide her actions against Grant and her personal vendetta against him. David is suspicious of her actions but lacks any tangible proof. After Grant is healed, David’s younger sister is kidnapped by the original owner of the Distant Star. A agreement is reached to exchange Tabby for her. Of course things go wrong as Samantha shows up in a veiled attempt to intervene. Samantha escapes along with the criminal syndicate that hired the Scavengers. With David’s sister rescued, and Tabby still along they continue their business. Mr Knox, Samantha’s father finds out about her plan from Grant’s father and decides to deal with his daughter.

I received this book from Goodreads giveaway.

Review of I found my friends:The oral history of Nirvana

I Found My Friends: The Oral History of NirvanaI Found My Friends: The Oral History of Nirvana by Nick Soulsby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really loved this book.This takes the idea of oral history, usually used to tell fables and applies to Nirvana. It is well detailed including the early years before Nirvana settled on a name. While focusing heavily on Nirvana, it also talks mentions other bands like the Melvins, Screaming Trees, Soundgarden,Sonic Youth and so many others that were part of the “Grunge” scene. If you like Nirvana, you will thoroughly enjoy this book. It also contributes to the history of other lesser known bands with tragic stories, who never grew to the fame of Nirvana. The only thing that could of made this better is if it came with a soundtrack, for all the bands mentioned including Nirvana.My only minor complaint is it doesn’t have excerpts from the point of view of the remaining band members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. The only reason I could understand doing this is maybe they were too close or the author wanted not to taint the story by adding blurbs from those who in Nirvana itself.
I received this book via a Goodreads Giveaway.