Genres, or just concepts?

While this is clearly opinion, there are times that seem that way.  Maybe it is because the more I write, the more I like a challenge when it comes to building worlds and stories. Taking two ideas that have little to nothing in common, and combining them to see what I can come up. I doubt I’m the first to arrive at this conclusion either, as traditional literature and graphic novels reflect that. Whether it be traditional novels like The Shannara Chronicles, Her Majesty’s Dragon, 11/22/63, and others. Even in graphic novels, this is more apparent as series like Saga, The Surrogates, Cancertown, Monsteress, and more. Both sides taking elements of fantasy, science fiction, horror, detective stories, and other genres, combining them and building spectacular stories in the process.

Does anyone else agree, with this trend? Do you disagree? Let me know what you think, in the comments below.


I keep asking for comments and don’t seem to be getting any. Which I don’t grasp why? Is my comment section not easy to use, or is it something else? How can I improve it, so it works on both ends of the site?

Any help in this matter is much appreciated. Thanks.

Minor update

I do have more writings coming up as September Ends. For now, though I have done some minor updates and redesigns to my sites main page. Merging a few things to make the header menu concise. Along with adding a few pages for my Random Musings ideas, both singular and continuous. I do plan on trying to keep the tabs up to date as I can.