New plan 

While I’m busy contacting publishers for Rise, I began to think. Realizing while that is prime focus at the moment, I should still try and be creative when I have time. Somehow that led me to conclude I should do something similar to an installment system with some of my more open ended Random musings. Honestly I think that will be beneficial to me in many ways. Given it does two things for me with ease. Spreading my writing out to a larger audience who may or may not be aware of my writings. While secondly giving me a chance to get better at writing short stories, without using installments. Which could be a great thing for me overall, as short stories can be done much more efficiently in less time. I will try to get an installment posted at least once a week. Depending on the reaction to them, I may increase that to twice a week. At the moment I’m not sure which I will return to first. Personally I know I will continue with Random Musings #6, #5, and #4. Since I don’t feel done with those yet. Also if any of my followers would like to see any of them continued, please comment below. I will try my best to do so. 


I need some help/advice on crafting a magic system. Given the heavy influence and atmosphere of noir in the world, trying to create a magic system is a challenge. I have barely began to deal with the intricate nature of world, that has been merged by accident. Creating an pseudo-fantasy world, inside a world of tobacco smoke, crime, sex,  and gunpowder.   For the most part, I have tried to keep the world in a state of black and white. Using the magic to add a subtle shot of color, in a mostly colorless world. The beginning of the story can be found here. Any ideas, suggestions, or advice would be appreciated. Even someone to discuss ideas would also be appreciated. Thanks 🙂


Sleep deprivation brings strange muses

This is one of these strange ideas brought about by sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and perhaps small cup of cold medicine. Hard to tell, the creative muses are sometimes unpredictable, elusive, and strange. Than again you could say the same thing about inspiration at times. I only have a little bit written up so far, since I’m torn on if I want to make this a short story or novel yet. Each would have pros and cons, to it given the odd blend of genres this is becoming.  However I will offer a brief, preview.

“To this day, I still remember the people I killed. The bodies I buried, or burned for my country,” taking a puff from my cigarette. “Sometimes I was hero, other times I was villain but, I was always a killer.  There was always two perks of the job, world travel, and exotic women,” tapping the ash off of my dying cigarette.  Blowing smoke I stood up from my seat, walking to the window.  A heavy downpour seemed to dominate the day, turning back around to face the mysterious women who sat in my office. “Except that was before this,” pointing back to the window. “Before the cold war thawed.”

The client crossed her legs, adjusting the hemline of her bright red dress. She looked up, running manicured fingers through her straightened white hair. Revealing the slight point on her ears. She didn’t look up she spoke with a thick, accent like nothing I had ever heard;” Yes, yes I know what you did, before the veils of reality merged. The people I represent, along with myself know you have no problem with killing, or disposal in discreet manners. After all, I would hope you earned the nick name Death’s Ghost. Now, I also know that when the veils shattered, you were incredibly close to one of the epicenters.  Close enough to be marked, and altered by the energy release. Even if you hide them from the world, under that ridiculous black trench coat. I can feel the energy they emit,” falling silent as my dark grey eyes locked on her.

I kept my shotgun on my desk for this reason, when people were a little to knowing for their own good. It was within my reach, it would be easy enough to use it and kill her. Business had been slow for the past few months, and it was making my go broke. Strapped for cash, I forced myself to calm down and listen to her.


An Overdue update

Okay, I know it has been awhile since my last post. Of course that is partly because I have been fighting a strong sinus problem, caused by up and down weather. All that really made me want to do is sleep. That did manage to slow down some of writing, but I have been able to write on, and off at work. Even though it has made me realize I seem to write more, if I write by hand using a pen. I will admit, I’m curious as to why that is? Anyone seem to have an easier time being creative on paper, than by using digital means?

while in that oddly rapid spurts of writing I have been focusing on two short story ideas. One is a traditional science fiction idea, about humanities’ first contact with an extraterrestrial race, and the after-effects. The other is more of expansion on one of my six sentence stories. With some degree of altering, I have manged to build a post-apocalyptic style world focusing on the journey of the last surviving soldier after a devastating slaughter of a battle. Honestly, that has been an oddly exhilarating blast to write. Downside, I don’t have a title yet for either piece, but that is something I can always work on later. A short preview of it is below (formatting to distinguish only):

Crows encircled me, as I stood the last man standing in a field of  corpses. The stench of gunpowder, still lingered instill, wet, and silent air..  Bodies of friends and foes, rested around me in silent death. A forceful breeze carried the distant sound of horses, galloping could be heard through the wind. Scavengers, no doubt come to steal from the dead. Blasts of agony and sorrow echoed through my body, as stood up letting the cleansing rain fall over me.

The Scavengers were the one thing both the Bladeslingers and the Technos Communion despised completely. While thief original aims to rebuild civilization were noble, they had greatly deviated from that over the past few decades. Now they were nothing more than organized animals, that pillaged from both the dead, the living, and the remains of the old world. Sometimes taking ideas, weapons, and technology that was best left in the hands of the past.

Using the last injection of synthetic adrenaline, I walked checking the what remained of my supplies after the battle. My MK-9R energy pistols, had enough power cells left over to give me about one-hundred shots. I had to limit their use if use if I wanted to head back to the small base we had, about six days away from where I was. The standard Curveous saber for Bladeslingers, was still sharp, with a viable edge. With remorse I searched the remains of my comrades that were nearby, looking for anything I could remove quickly.

After a few minutes a loud, singular beep broke the silence, hanging in the air from an unknown source. It took me a short while to find the source of the unexpected noise. A wrist based device of some kind, attached to a fallen Technos Communion commander, judging the three stars etched onto plate around his right shoulder. The screen of the thing was glowing from underneath, for some reason. Six unmarked bronze colored knobs were around the encased screen. Four directly below it, and the other two were on the upper right side. I moved each knob individually until the beep stopped.

The beep was replaced by a thick, throaty voice demanding, “Report now, Commander Newton, report? How does the battle go? Do you need reinforcements?”

With reluctance I responded, “Your commander is dead, whoever you are. This wasn’t a battle, it was a slaughter. Only I remain alive, for reasons I do not know.”

The voice went silent for five minutes before returning inquiring,”Than who are you? A fellow Technos brother, a Bladeslinger, or have you arrived with the dreadful, monstrous bastards the Scavengers?”

I proudly answered “Bladeslinger, fourth class Orion of the Black Dragon Battalion.”

Post Christmas update

Well first off, happy holidays to all my followers and subscribers. The holidays have been busy, and the time before the holidays even more so. For the most part I have been writing and working on short stories of various genres. One of which has a extremely Classic science fiction vibe to it. While the other one, well the other one is more of a conceptual crossover idea. Given the oddness,and complexity of the events that make up the plot they make eventually become novels. Of course while that would be a nice way to do, I’m considering doing more of an installment style build of the world within each story. Using the installments to start getting into literary magenzines and journals, along with literature themed podcasts. Which much to my initial surprise is a larger area, than I expected.


Late midweek update or Thursday update for August

thursday gif 2Well its been less than productive since I have been busy enjoying the actually decent weather that has come to where I live, making it actually feel like summer.

I started editing Rise, yesterday after getting what I could printed. It is a slow process since my printer likes to be stubborn. Outside of that I have started a couple new projects. The first is currently titled The Bureau, and is mixture of modern fantasy, science fiction,crime noir,  and paranormal. I plan on submitting for the WEP contest, called Spectacular Settings. In addition to that I have started a short story idea, I titled Spirits of the Forest. It is an expansion of my Six Sentence Story #11.  I will post the first section of it, in the next few days. Hopefully I can write a few more like it as my idea for a horror/fantasy themed anthropology idea, currently titled Strange Tales.

Creative resurgence


I’m starting to feel the spark of creativity return after almost two weeks of  nothing but faint embers. Hopefully I can get the spark roaring into a mighty flame, as I write the last remaining chapters of Rise. Even though the more I think on I want to change the name of the series as a whole, since I keep hinting that the march will begin once winters end. Maybe I’ll make the series name Seasons of Death and Dragons.

Even though the way I did this, makes me miss writing short stories. I’ll post some of the Six Sentence Stories, since I haven’t posted an actual sample of writing outside of just blog posts and book reviews.

Last possible update for June

Well after hitting my first goal for June less than a day ago to get 50 additional pages written in my main project Rise (death and a dragon). After getting that I turned my attention to my second project, Anarchy to accomplish my second goal for month of reaching 10,000 words in that which I managed to accomplish just about an hour or so ago.  That means out of the 7 goals I put forth for myself, I got three of them done. Of course given that we still have a day in left in June, I still have some time time to bolster that number.

Featured Image -- 166

Also I have managed to set up a google sheet for my Writers spotlight Wednesday. I have a link to it on my homepage but I will also post the link here for those interested.Click here to fill out the sheet —>

Now to work on the rest of the goals in the short time that remains in the month.

Thursday update

thursday gif

Well it has been a productive few days since my last update. The inspiration may flow a little slower than it was over the weekend, but adding 1,000-1,500 words a day is something I’m okay with. It may not seem like much but progress is still progress no matter how small.

Also I have been thinking on doing some of the things I want to do in July. One of those is Writer Spotlight Wednesday. I’m relatively sure I want to shine the spotlight on Indie and Self-published authors. I may not have a lot of followers on here since my account is only a few months old, but I have over 300 followers on twitter. What is that old saying “All publicity is good publicity,” or something like that. Every little bit helps right?

If anyone I follow is interesting in being featured message on my twitter account or email me at:


batman thinking

I have begun to realize as much as I could make my main focus, 1000 pages and explore the possibilities i have hinted at I write,  It would be doubtful a publisher would take a chance a on it as one book. Especially since I’m not a well known author.  It feels like it would be better to split the novel into three or four parts, with a manuscript of around 300-350 pages a piece. Since I may have inadvertently written the chapter earlier today, that could be used for it. Despite not being near 300 pages yet, but I have yet to space out everything properly. Already at close to 250 pages, once I space out the 30+ chapters it will be there. It doesn’t help that I have hinted at lands across the sea, and another species of bipedal Anthropomorphic race. Along with so much more. Which may lead to a manuscript of close to 800- to 1000 pages, which is probably not a good idea for a new author. Maybe I will write it all at once than break it down into three or four pieces and make it a saga  instead of some giant standalone book.

As to my other current project, Anarchy. it is going well. My inspiration for that comes in spontaneous and random waves, which is frustrating at times. Since I’m more focused on turning it into a graphic novel, I’m writing it like one.I  guess I can’t hide the fact, that I grew up on old superheroro shows. One might say I was geeked at birth.