WEP February 2018 contest entry

When I first saw the theme for this month’s contest was 28 days, I wasn’t particularly certain I would enter. Thinking it over for a few days after sign-ups began. Finding unexpected inspiration in the extreme cold that seized the northeast at the end of January and the beginning of February. Inspiring me to craft an epic style poem, where entities of myth live inside the cold. Along with bringing to Earth a champion for humanity, who would fight back against the cold and the creatures that live within. A piece of flash fiction I call, “Forces Of Nature.”

Twenty-eight days have passed since the cold cast its icy hand upon the northern part of the world. It is somehow bringing with it entities both physical and ethereal in its wake. Creatures that have more of a place in mythology than in the real world. There was one strange bright spot in this frozen land, in the form of a man. Perhaps man is a bit of understatement to describe this stranger to our world. A stranger who seems to radiate an intense amount of heat from his body, almost as he can somehow focus and amplify the fiery nature of the sun. While the survivors of the cold world have given the stranger many names, I have taken to calling him Cinead. Watching this mysterious man from afar as he fights back the creatures of the cold.

Twenty-eight additional days have passed since this unnatural age of cold began. Cinead has fought back against the creatures of the winter on behalf of the human race. He was miraculously winning enough fights to bring his existence to the attention of the seldom seen Beria. Her name was only whispered in the direst of times, casting an almost mythic atmosphere around her. From what little information I could gather from both people and prose, she had a spiritual link to the cold. The cold that was beginning to take a visible tole on the survivors. Despite Cinead creating spots of warmth to shelter humanity from the dangerous and intense chill, forcing Beria to issue a hollowed challenge to Cinead. A provocation I believed that if lost, humankind would bear the ultimate consequences.

Twenty-eight days had passed since Beria announced her challenge to Cinead. Beria’s summons for combat was answered and agreed too. They are bringing about an unstable sense of peace between the creatures that took shelter in the cold and their hostile stance on the remaining survivors. Combining their incredible powers to shape and alter the landscape to create a neutral battleground. The hopes of humanity keeping an invisible watchful eye on the area, to make sure the fight would be fair.

Another twenty-eight days had passed since the challenge had been agreed to, and the arena created. Cinead and Beria stood on opposite sides of the makeshift coliseum. Each starring in silence at each other like pugilists before a championship fight. Except for this time, there was more on the line than just a shiny belt. This battle could ultimately decide the fate of humanity. From an unseen corner, I watched staying undetected by the champions of fire and ice, waiting for the fight to move past the tense staredown and commence the altercation. Greatswords of crimson fire and sapphire ice rested over their shoulders, ready to strike.

Twenty-eight minutes passed before Cinead and Beria charged at each other. Their blades forged of the elements themselves colliding. Each impact was releasing bursts of steam into the air. The steam was growing at an exponential rate until it began to obscure the two fighters. Each champion was becoming a radiant beacon of color in the dense fog. The energies emitting from them both were releasing flashes of light into the mist, giving me some idea of what was happening. Cinead and Beria were fighting with an almost inhuman pace, with neither of them appearing to tire. With a furious pace, the two continued to struggle, with each strike releasing more and more light into the fog. The colors were starting to blend into a dark shade of violet at the center of smog obscured arena.

An additional twenty-eight minutes passed before the fog began to dissipate at a steady rate. The colors that filled the air vanishing with it. An intense and radiant glow of orange light piercing the remaining, thinning fog. Cinead appeared to be victorious over Beria, who was lying impaled on the ground by Cinead’s flaming greatsword. Her sword of ice resting far outside of her reach. With both hands, Cinead reached out towards the midday sun. The air was starting to sparkle between his hands, almost as if Cinead was conjuring something from the sun’s light. Cinead’s body began to emit a pale orange glow. With what I imagine was an incredible focus, the glow radiated around his body, like a fiery aura. This aura was moving up his body at a steady pace towards his hands. Cinead somehow was shaping the energy into a long cylindrical pole of pure flame. The tip of the pole was starting to emit and produce a short curving blade. With a slow arcing two-handed swing, Cinead brought the flaming head of the ax down on Beria’s neck. Cinead repeated the precision arcing movement three more times before decapitating her fully. With its purpose now fulfilled, Cinead let the ax vanish from his grip. The champion of the cold now resting defeated and dead.

An additional twenty-eight days passed before the dangerous arctic chill released its grip on the world. With the cold vanishing, some semblance of normality and civilization returned to humanity.

Critique level: Full Word count: 854

54 thoughts on “WEP February 2018 contest entry

  1. I like the mythical quality of these characters and this battle. I’m curious to know more about the narrator – and I imagine he/she might have some role in future events. I’m also wondering if Cinead will continue to be a benevolent hero or if his fire will overheat some of the area or burn hotter than some are comfortable with. I felt like this story left me with questions, but in a good way – a looking forward to what might happen next kind of way.

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  2. Hi Christopher! Inspiration will come when it will. And you used the extreme cold to advantage. I like the way your imaginings brought forth mythical creatures. Cinead is an interesting character. Perhaps we’ll hear more of him and his mythical deeds.

    Thanks for participating in WEP, Christopher. Each entry in unique in some way and yours definitely is.


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  3. Interesting to weave a mythological tale using the harsh realities of our horrible winter weather. Cinead battling the creatures of winter and radiating heat would be quite a sight! I’d love to be that nameless narrator.

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  4. I live in the midwest, and the cold we experienced here certainly felt like it had a mythic quality to it. I love how you took real life and used that to weave such an epic tale. I’m glad Cinead won this battle. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Maybe this explains why we are getting arctic cold in some places in Canada. Well written and intriguing. I like mythology and stories based on lore. You pulled this together as if you have written more stories like this.

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  6. Hi,
    I am a faithful fan of C.S. Lewis and love his fantasy series, The Chronicles of Narnia. Your tale reminds me so much of the book where the wicked witch has nature in her grips and everything is frozen and Aslan and the kids free Narnia out of the wicked witch’s grip.
    You have created a wonderful well-crafted tale that I enjoyed reading very much.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

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  7. Writing something short but epic is so hard, and you did well. I think you could use a few less “withs” but otherwise, it is quite enjoyable (nitpicky I know, but somehow they started throwing me out of the story.) Great entry, I couldn’t do epic in under 1k words!

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  8. Cinead is such an intriguing super hero. And since I’m driving through snow storms for work right now, I’d love to see him battling through a blizzard. The sun and summer cannot come too soon for me. Of course, perhaps then I’ll be looking for Beria to rescue me, lol.

    Well crafted and nicely written Chris.

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  9. Hi Christopher,

    Definitely epic… A battle rages to keep humans safe. Bringing in Fire and Ice is a wonderful duality. I have always enjoyed mythology and this pieces fits right into a “NEW” modern mythology that you have created. Well done!

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  10. This is a great use of the prompt. I love stories of mythology, and heroes and villains. The only thing that kind of stood out to me was the use of the word “pace,” I believe three times. I don’t think it’s bad in any way but thought I’d mention it since it stood out to me. I’d love to read more of this story. I have a feeling the unknown narrator has more to tell us.

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  11. Hi Christopher … as I’m enjoying some talks on life sciences at the moment, while being interested in the Ice Ages … this conjured up lots of thoughts – a great take on the prompt. Loved it – thank you … cheers Hilary

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  12. Hi Christopher – congratulations on being acknowledged as the best commenter … great to know one is being rewarded for popping round to everyone’s blog – cheers Hilary

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