A new month, a new writing schedule

I’m starting to realize trying to balance work, and a daily writing routine is becoming increasingly unbalanced. Knowing I’m going back to my regular work schedule after the holiday weekend ends. Meaning I need to augment my writing routine to meet my own goals for each day. Yet, given I’m working on multiple stories, including a few rough ideas for later. Stretching the creative machine in excess, I’m starting to feel the creative well run dry randomly.

Knowing I need to find a balance between work and my creative pursuits. Making a quick decision to alter my schedule. Thinking it over, I realized I needed to break the week down. Focusing on a different idea, each day. Trying to distribute the workload without getting writer’s block or even worse causing myself to burnout. I hope it works to keep the creative juices flowing while allowing me to digitize pieces I’ve written by hand.  Along with trying to get a blog post made once a week. a14694304bf58f9e2e88f39cb34c7f9c


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