Random musings #6

Knowing that I was here more to help them usher humanity into the galaxy. That was always the job of my species. Once the Galactic Concords were created and signed by the species the last Ancients created. Earth itself was brought to our attention by their Voyager space probe. After intense negotiations, the Galactic Accord agreed they must be found and properly guided into our vast cosmos. Behind a thick one-way glass I watched, the unconscious, captive humans. Letting the slight re-education, enhancement, and a specific genetic vaccine be applied to them. The Galactic Accord agreed those were all necessary for our protection, as well as theirs. 

A buzzer interrupted my thoughts, signaling things were completed, and my temporary captives were beginning to wake. Meaning it was time for my speech. Pressing down on a small button on my chair, I spoke, “Welcome peoples of Earth to a historic date in your species existence. The day your kind, gets ushered into a future beyond your wildest imagination. A response to your own desire to seek extraterrestrial contact, to be part of the cosmic scheme. I doubt this is the first contact you envisioned, who I represent knows you’re capable of both great good and great evil. Which is why those you stand here are present here. All of you are influential among your own people. The races of the Galactic Accord plan on using that influence for the betterment of your people. You will prepare your planet for a more personal arrival, over two months using your collective resources. In that time I also must insist on a peaceful landing. While this ship is meant for diplomatic uses, it still comes armed with weapons capable of decimating cities. As you slept plans for the landing space and proper customs were placed in your collective minds. Insuring you will work together, for the greater good. Farewell, for now,” leaning forward and teleporting them back to wherever they were meant to be. It was always the plan to return them, and let them quicken everything we required. I believed  two months would be more than enough, if they were willing to cooperate. In the meantime the other half of the plan would be implemented. A backup plan encase Earth decided to be hostile against us. It was the only reason I agreed to implementing weapon systems aboard. I hoped the  nature of humanity would have evolved enough intelligence to not be that stupid. Time would tell me, if that hope was well-placed or not.

With a telepathic thought, I sent the order to begin the creation of a defensive perimeter around Earth. While most of the habitable planets belonged to the Galactic Accord, some races refused it outright. Given the constant expansionism of the Galactic Accord. We were forced by necessity to create a defensive perimeter around claimed planets. Which, was the other half of the reason I allowed complex weapon systems aboard. Watching a nearby screen, I got a quick update on the perimeter nodes locations. Forming an inactive but connected hectogon shape around Earth. Tapping my clawed fingers, as I waited impatiently for each node to arrive at a pre-mapped location. From what I was told, these nodes were altered based on Earth’s gravity. Which should allow them to stay active and not interfere with the planet itself. Four rapid beeps signaled to me that all the nodes were in place and were ready to begin. Inputting a quick 25 digit code, I initialize the energy shield  process. Watching as the beam of energy quickly connected to the 100 main nodes. Dispersing the energy to other nearby nodes. Beginning to create small, interconnecting energy rings. Ending in the creation of a layered  energy barrier that would be invisible to anything living on Earth. While simultaneously being seen to any approaching extraterrestrial vessels. Due to the technological advances necessary to allow for inter-galactic travel. Another series of four rapid beeps signaled the energy barrier was complete. In addition, it sent out a secondary signal all on frequency telling the cosmos that Earth, was now under the protection of the Galactic Accord. Perhaps a permanent protection, depending on how humanity responded to its call being answered.


As always any comments or feedback is appreciated. 

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