Loot Crate-Dream Crate

A week or so ago I learned about a fan-related project being run by Loot Crate. If you haven’t heard about LootCrate, it’s a monthly subscription box. Similar to other subscriptions offered through various sites, it’s based around a theme and filled with various fandom items particular to that theme. Here’s a list of their past boxes and the items. As you can see it varies from crate to crate what kinds of items you’ll receive. What’s also great about LootCrate is that there are a variety of crates to choose from, whether you like gaming, anime, things for your pets or just a crate filled with items to wear. The variety I think is one of the awesome things about LootCrate since it pretty much has something for everyone. So anyways, Loot Crate has been reaching out to various fans to put together their very own “dream crate,” which would have a particular theme, items, etc., and I have to say I was definitely intrigued. Honestly, I had a few ideas to start with. Narrowing it down was a difficult choice, given the possibilities and variety I could do.  I did manage to find a theme that would allow me to create and alter to suit a particular genre.


While, “Journey” may seem like a little random of a theme, it allows for a lot of creativity. As well as managing to combine my love of literature, with my love of graphic novels into something that caters to bibliophiles and geeks alike.  To make this easier to follow, I will break down the themes individually with what I would put in.  With images to follow before the next breakdown begins.

1. Fantasy

  1. For starters, two books: Fables Legends in Exile: Vol 1, and Eon by Alison Goodman. Both are superb books are superb reads, at opposite ends of the fantasy genre.
  2.  A t-shirt with the map of Tolkien’s middle Earth on it.
  3.  A set of three baby Dragon statues, approved for both indoor and outdoor use.  To paraphrase Tolkien, “A story isn’t worth telling if it doesn’t have dragons. “
  4. For my last two items, I choose two Funko Pop figures: One from Harry Potter, and one from Game of Thrones. There are a lot of them for both franchises, but I choose Jon Snow’s direwolf

2. Science Fiction

  1. To start things off, I choose two books: Saga Vol 1, and The Collected works of Arthur C Clarke. Saga is an amazing genre-warping space opera from Image comics.  I would say, Arthur C Clarke, doesn’t need much of description as one science fiction’s great writers.
  2.  A Doctor Who reusable canvas tote bag. Since you have to carry your stuff somehow, might as well show off some geek pride as you do.
  3. A StarWars themed traveling water mug. Need to stay hydrated.
  4.  Along with a set of 13 mini posters, featuring one of science fiction’s original staples: Robots.

3. Superhero

  1. Continuing with books being my first set of items, I chose Ex-Machina Vol 1,  and Superheroes and Philosophy: Truth, Justice, and the Socratic Way (Popular Culture and Philosophy) by Tom Morris. Ex-Machina is an interesting tale of superheroes and politics. The other examines how superheroes have become something highly recognizable in the modern world.
  2.  A twist on the coexist car decal done with superhero logos.
  3. A traditional canvas poster, combining both Marvel and DC characters.
  4.  A superhero themed wallet since you will need cash and ID on your journey. For myself I chose X-men.

4. Post-apocalyptic

  1. Starting off on my last offshoot of the “journey” idea, I will start the box with two books. The first is Hinterkind, an interesting take on the apocalypse published by Vertigo Comics. While the second book is The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.
  2.  A skull cap, based on the best-selling game The Last of Us. Featuring the fireflies logo.
  3. A small but highly praised survival kit from SharpSurivival. Comes complete with flashlight, compass and so much more.
  4. Bringing in one of my favorite nuclear apocalypse-themed video game franchises, Fallout. I selected a Vault 111 pocket watch. Along with a Brotherhood of Steel power armor Funko figurine.
  5. Rounding out the box with a Funko Pop Keychain of any protagonist, such as Daryl or Rick.

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