Random Musings #2

Drenched in sweat and long past a state of exhaustion, I stopped to look back. Seeing their odd fiery red eyes flickering in and out in the shadows behind me. Biding their time until the sun had hidden away, only to return tomorrow morning. I knew my body would fight me with sore, tired muscles but, I forced myself to run again. Trying to keep some degree of distance between me and them, feeling the falling temperature chill my wrap itself around my thinning body. Almost as if it was trying to keep me alive for some unknown reason. I fought against it, as I struggled more and more to continue leaving quick impression sin the sand. Something snapped within my right leg, bringing me down with a scream of surprise and pain. I know then, my escape attempt was over as I saw two cracked bones pierce their way through the skin. Creating a liquid red trail down my leg, darkening the sand below.

A sinister, twisted almost mocking laugh came from the shadows behind me. Their shifting forms emitted from the darkness beginning to encircle me. I hoped they would kill me this time, instead of dragging me back to my underground cell. Yet if they did, there was a slim chance someone would find the darkened sand. I doubted anyone was mad enough to follow it, though. The locals warned me of them, but I was skeptical of their claims. Claw-like hands tore at my skin, bolstering my pain in the process. Tightening their shadowy appendages around my body, almost as if they were trying to submerge in shadows. Having a little chance of running away on a broken leg I closed my eyes, and let them.

Upon opening my eyes, I somehow knew I was back in their dark, foul-smelling cell. Bound in place by ancient rusting chains. My eyes ready to water from the pain of my shattered leg, yet nothing fell. I cursed them under my breath, for letting me not die. Cursing them under every god and goddesses I could think of. Hoping one of them was real and listening to my hushed voice. While I wasn’t a religious man by any means, my situation was desperate enough to make me one.

It is easy to loose track of the time when darkness is all that surrounds you. For all, I know it could have been a few days, or few weeks before I got a strange visit. Yet something about this visitor was different from the other shadow beings. The obvious was the fact that he carried a modern lantern with him. Faded and tattered clothes covered him almost fully from head to toe. Except there was a wide slot that revealed dark ebony, almost leather like skin, and a set of dark bronze colored eyes. There was something unnerving bout those eyes, I just wasn’t sure what it was. Maybe it was the lack of pupil or the fact that the eyes seemed to stare past me. If I wasn’t dehydrated I would have shivered, but their cruelty had increased since my last escape. Keeping me fed, giving me just enough water to keep me in my suffering state. I wasn’t sure what this visitor had in mind, but I hoped whoever they were, they would grant me a swift death.

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