Random musings #1

I wouldn’t say that what is posted below qualifies to be flash fiction. At least in a traditional sense of things. Then again in a world changing by the second, definitions are relative.  Honestly I’m not really sure what title I would give this. At best guess, would be something like Prelude. Sorry if the Grammer in is horrible, I wrote it on my phone. 
No one seems to know how, or why the world is the way it is now.Some believe it some  religious prophecy come to true. Others believe we caused the world to become a place of everlasting darkness. The only thing people seems to agree on anymore is, those who died early on were lucky.  I suppose sometimes I agree with that, they don’t face life’s greatest challenge survival. Yet somehow that isn’t the worst part of this dark new world. That goes to the strange cults of cannibals, and corpse-eaters that have began to pop up. Their members look ordinary enough at a quick glance but that only succeeds in making them more dangerous. Which only makes living an even deadlier game. Yet something tells me this is just the prelude to something much bleaker. Something that would turn the world on its head, before it consumed the world. Leaving streets filled with rusting monuments to the past, and red rivers. I would have a bird’s eye view of it all from home, hidden above the savage and prying eyes of those that remained. 

Given what I know, I could easily change things, but the world has had a radical shift from last time I emerged. Back when humanity was still in the building blocks of civilization. Their  minds had been corrupted by their own hollow hearts. Perhaps this was the time for a new world to emerge. A world where they know the true reason behind their ancestral fear of the dark. 

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