Busy, busy, busy

It has been a busy thirteen days, as work gets busier with leagues and band nights resuming. Yet I know there is more to come once the temperature drops over the coming weeks. Ignoring the irritation that causes me since it has limited my ability to write at work greatly.  Which limits it even more outside of work since I will be sleeping longer to recharge and refuel for the next shift. Either I need to start drinking more coffee or figure out a way to get a more restful respite? File Jul 27, 11 08 23 AM

Moving away from that, my writing routine is in flux. Sometimes I meet exceed my goal, and other times I just don’t have any motivation to write at all. I haven’t decided if it burnout or just mental stress from life zapping away my creative juices. Which leads me to conclude I either need to change my routine into something more flexible and practical to prevent burnout. The question is how much of it do I change?

I may have a new opportunity as an outlet for my stories, waiting to hear back at the moment from my trending stories.  Which should be exciting I hope and ignite my creative spark to a brighter flame.  Once I learn more and hear back, I will share what I can.



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