Cherished Blogfest 2016: A trifecta of treasured things

Last year I shared my love for comic books, and books as one of the three posts I did for this. Unfortunately when I did that, I was in the middle of painting and remodeling my room making the pictures look sloppy, and unorganized.  In some ways this is almost an amendment to last years post. Given for this year my cherished object, is my bookshelves.



I went through and mounted the brackets and shelving myself. Which is part of the reason I cherish them, ignoring what is on them for the moment.  Part of it is a sense of pride in at how they came out.The first reason of three I chose for the Cherished Blogfest.

While there are some knickknacks that I do enjoy having. Some of which are a clear representation of geekier side. Take the Darth Vader Bobble-head seen early on in the first gif for example. I remember getting that my junior year of high school, when I went to New York for a robotics competition. Others are more representative of my love of strange, dark things.The various sized skulls seen in both gifs, represent my love of strange, dark things.  Even some things like the Jack Skellingtion Bobble-head, and the small BeetleJuice picture are a balanced representation of both things. That is the second reason for my choice.

Then you have things like the three larger framed pictures in the second gif. I remember getting those at the first comic convention I went to. While that was a blast, I think that was when I realized I enjoyed being a nerd/geek. That I felt no shame in being one, which made me feel a sense of peace. I believe that is why I treasure them, and the memories. This it the final reason out of the three.

Originally I planned to do a bookshelf_tour_pt2video style tour, but realized two things the more I thought about. The first being, that could make a few hour video in its own right. While the second on is, my current WordPress plan doesn’t allow me to upload videos. Of course it didn’t help that I shot the first video upside down. Upside to that mistake, is I found out how to make gifs.


15 thoughts on “Cherished Blogfest 2016: A trifecta of treasured things

  1. Great post. As a co-host, I thank you for participating in the Cherished blogfest. I guess many bloggers cherish their books and bookshelves. I always wanted one in my home and someday I’ll create it and put some interesting books over it.

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  2. Thanks for joining us again. The bookshelves look great. I like how they are staggered and overlap in the corners. I also like that you found stuff to put in that space. Rule #1 of bookshelves – waste no space.

    Thanks for participating and sharing these books and shelves.
    Dan – cohost – #CBF16


  3. Ah, bookshelves! Great choice. I picked a special book, as did several other people, but how often we overlook something that’s almost as important — how we display those volumes. I’ve always taken great pride in my shelves, so I can certainly appreciate this post. You’ve done a nice job here, and I like the video presentation of them. Well done!

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  4. You have quite the library there and a cool assortment of knickknacks and memorabilia. Two thumbs up for the use of a gif…that is something I have not learned how to do. It was just as good as a video tour. Thanks for sharing and participating in the blogfest.

    Mary J
    CBF Cohost


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