Mid-July already???

Hard to believe it mid-July already. Summer has gone by quicker then I thought it would. Yet it always seems that way, despite the massive slow down at work. Upside to that it allows me to write at work. Which honestly, seems to be the only thing that seems to make the time move a little bit faster, compared to it making an eight hour shift feel like a fifteen hour shift. That has been productive as I have managed to start part II of my post-apocalyptic, sci-fi tale. The hybrid noir and fantasy story, is just getting complicated for something I originally intended to be a short story.

In addition to thaupdatet, my digitally published book The Nightshadow Chronicles was selected to be reviewed by a large group on Goodreads. While I don’t know how many reviews I will receive at the moment, it will be my first set of reviews for it. Given how long the book sat un-reviewed, I’m curious to see what they think.

Also I went through and did some minor tweaks on the blog. Changed the color scheme to match the Canva made header. Thoughts on the changes would be appreciated.

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