Routine progress, and a small question

writitng.gifWhile it may not a secret, or at times the most convenient plan, having a writing routine seems to help keep the creative juices flowing. My main daily goal is to get at minimum a paragraph written in each of the short stories concepts I’m writing. Most of the time I hit that, which at is good. The question remains will increasing that simple goal, make it easier to write, or will it burn me out?

That isn’t a lot word, or story wise but, it helps to keep the worlds in my thoughts. Even though writing on small Jr legal pads, makes it hard to know if I have written a full typed page, or not. From the pages I have typed up, the average is about 3.5-4 of those pages equals a full written page. The only reason is I tend to use them is convenience, and portability since I can put them in my pocket and walk to work. Which as slow as it some shifts, it manages to keep me busy if I don’t have much else to do.

Now for the small question; is anyone else having problems setting up scheduled posts?  Any help would be much appreciated, since I keep scheduling post and nothing happens. Just not really clear on why they aren’t posting.

6 thoughts on “Routine progress, and a small question

  1. Hey Scott — a paragraph daily in each work seems like a really managable goal, and I think stretching yourself a little, even trying it for a week, would be a great idea. See how it goes, but also don’t beat yourself up if it becomes too much. I’ve certainly had to readjust my posting/writing schedule many times since I started blogging, because life happens!

    As for your other question, I had the same problem. I would write up a post, schedule it, and think I was in the clear — only to find out later it never posted. I think I figured part of it out though. When you write a post and schedule it, it should show up in it’s own section of the drafts page (there’s Published, Drafts, Scheduled, and Trashed). However, if you schedule it, and then make any edits at all, be sure you hit the “Update” button, and check that it really takes — otherwise, I think WordPress thinks you’ve changed your mind about wanting to post it, because it’s not finished yet.

    Another thing to remember is to use the 24-hour time, rather than the standard 12-hour clock. I’m leaving for vacation and I’ve got posts scheduled for some of the days, and if I want it to show up at 8:00 AM, it’s fine, but 8:00 PM is actually 20:00! I had a lot of trouble with that at first. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and following me, I’ll follow back and check out more of your blog later!
    Jamie Lyn Weigt | Writing Dragons Blog

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    • Thanks, for help on the scheduling problem. The paragraph is just my minimum daily goal, for now. Just trying to be diligent with a for month before I expend it past that. Instead of just going from a paragraph to something much bigger like a few pages. Life makes at difficult some days. 🙂

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  2. Setting goals is so important. i agree. I’m just such a slob about those goals – I rarely set them and if I do I keep revising them. I guess I’m just not that disciplined. Working on it though.
    About your scheduled posts. I had a problem with them too but don’t any longer. Perhaps the suggestion given by Jamie is the reason why. Glad to have found that out.


  3. I’m not sure how wordpress works, but on blogger I type my new post, set the scheduled time I prefer my posts to appear, click on ‘done’ then click on ‘publish’ and the post appears in my list of “scheduled” and appears on the day I wanted at the time I wanted. In the beginning I made the mistake of NOT clicking”publish” because I thought it would publish the post right away. Now I know different.


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