One year already…..

Hard to believe it has been a year on here. If you would have told me a year ago, I would have over 100 followers, plus over 1500 subscribers by email I would have either laughed, or stared at you. Still can’t believe in year, I have made/written 165 posts excluding this post. Just amazes, me it doesn’t seem that I have made that many, let alone it being one year since I started this.

Most people say its the journey not the destination. For me it has been a strange, frustrating, educational, and at times depressing journey on the unseen literary rode.  I may have yet to reach my final goal, but the past year has taught me a lot. Some lessons were simple, others I learned through research. Others I have learned through getting distracted, as I search for helpful pins about writing, editing, and publication.  I’m curious to see what another year will bring.

One more thing, before the time clock hits midnight. I would like to thank all my followers, and subscribers for taking the time to read my posts. Along with following me in general.  Hopefully your next  year will be as fantastic, as I hope mine is.

fantastic 10gif


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