A question for writers

batman thinkingI have been considering investing in a few durable, pocket sized, writing notebooks. Does any of my followers have any experience with them? Are they worth the cost? If you have used them, do you have any prefences in brand?  Along with prefences in whether getting them lined or unlined makes a difference?  In addition to any, other thoughts on them, or any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


4 thoughts on “A question for writers

  1. I have lined, cheap ones all over the place… in the car, by the bed, in my purse, even in the bathroom… thoughts and ideas pop up all the time, and usually when I am away from my computer/notebooks… a few words/ a description or two are usually enough to remind me later and spark the idea I had running amuck


  2. I carry small, cheap notebooks in my purse…just in case. I’ve used them to take notes and to write ideas. Years ago, I carried a much larger notebook around for the rare quiet moments in my work day when I could do some writing. Are the notebooks worth carrying? Yes. I know that if I didn’t have them, I’d miss them. Cinda


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