Late night Thursday update

Okay, first off sorry for the slight lack of activity. I have been busy beyond words,between work, life, writing, doing reviews for graphic policy, and trying to figure out to get people for Christmas.  However I have managed to get an ending for short story that has been waiting for an ending for a couple months.  Oddly enough it is decently happy ending, compared to what I could have done.

I have started to look into getting an agent/publisher for Rise, and concluded something. Since most agents want publication credits in a query letter. I have decided to wait 6 months- a year to work on short stories for literary magazines and podcasts. Even one might say there are ulterior motives.  Since that will allow me to build/boost a following and readership which will bolster my chances of getting an agent. In addition to working on other stories, and ideas for novels as well.

However there is some good news to share. I have received an personal invite from Writer’s relief Inc to join there client list. Downside/upside I have to be board approved after I submit either a short story, or  novel.  Wish me luck, please.

thursday gif 2

That is all for now. I will post more once I hear back.

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