October begins author

I apoligize for not posting in a awhile, work has been keeping me in weird hours. Of course that does really affect my writing time, since by the time I get home I really want to sleep. However  one of the more extensive goals, I set for myself last month is done with. Which means the revising of Rise(Seasons of death and dragons) can begin. Honestly I feel that will be my main focus for this month, so I can hopefully get a published by November, just in time for the holiday season. Which hopefully will increase the sales, of both print and digital copies.Featured Image -- 166

9 thoughts on “October begins author

  1. Before you publish, have you lined up a professional editor to read through and edit your manuscript if you’re self-publishing? This is an essential step. It’s important to make your prose the best it can be, and your novel the best it can be. When you self-publish, it’s like going to a job interview — your book will reflect on you as a writer. An editor can help you make certain your narrative structure is true, your pacing is on track, your characters are developed, and your prose is polished and tight. Readers will thank you, believe me! (smile) Cinda


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