Hmm… that is interesting.

The idea for writing about this came from reading an article written by Neil Gaiman. You can read the article here.

While I may not have read much of Neil Gaiman’s novels, or graphic novels yet. However, I do have tremendous respect for him. He makes several points in his article, including one about having no limits on what he read as a child. Some of the other things he discusses in his article, on banned books, the importance of the libraries, the concept of classifying books, and freedom of speech.

Honestly, I agree with most of his statements. While books may be the subject of controversy, and banning. Even the concept of medium could be argued to some extent.

Personally I think books, are small, portable gateways to other worlds no matter the medium. No group, or person should have control on what is read excluding the creators (artists and writers). I exclude them since everything they make is meant to be imaginative, for the most part.

People young, and old should read what they like. Young adult literature is a great example of something that has a questionable age range. Honestly I have seen people who have past what would be thought to be the target market for young adult literature, reading things that fit that genre. Of course that includes myself. Restricting what a child can read, because it you don’t agree with it, or it depicts something you see as offensive is almost redundant. Especially in a world where you can search for anything online.

I’m curious to see what are your thoughts on the article. Do you agree? Disagree? 

4 thoughts on “Hmm… that is interesting.

  1. I’ve not read any of Mr. Gaiman’s books, but I’ve seen the movie “Stardust” twice and loved it. I believe it’s extremely important to model reading for children and encourage children to read from a very young age. This was something that my parents did right. They did restrict somewhat what we read and what age. I think that’s fine — I was reading adult books by age 11 or 12. As a child, I depended on both the school library and my hometown library for my reading material. I could spend all Saturday at the city library. I still borrow books from the city library. While libraries are struggling a bit in a digital book age, I don’t think they’ll go away any time soon, nor do I think they should. They promote reading, education, and intelligent thinking, as well as being a community and family gathering place. Classifying books or labeling them is because marketing and sales wield a great deal of power over publishing. And THAT’s all about money. Interesting what he said about the First Amendment — I didn’t know the UK did not have something comparable. I agree with him — we have this protection that is constantly challenged by people who want to control other people’s minds. Cinda

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