August book haul so far

It’s been only two weeks August and I already have boughten 45 books, in two weeks. Some are just hard cover version of books I already had and wanted replaced with hardcover versions. Mostly the Stephan kings, since he is one of my favorite horror writers. The slightly impressive thing is I only not even spent 30$ bucks. Well I think that is my book haul for the next couple months, haha. image image

2 thoughts on “August book haul so far

  1. Only $30 for 45 books! That is impressive. I must stay out of bookstores. I am constitutionally unable to leave a bookstore without buying books, usually about $100 worth. Right now, I cannot afford it. Cinda

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  2. Thanks. There aren’t many full bookstores where I live, the closest one is almost an hour away. The closer ones are Christian book stores, so they don’t have much in terms of variety. Yet I know they sold 50 shades of grey for reasons that are a loss to me.. That is part of he reasons I go library and church sales, the books are cheap and usually in good condition.


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