A question of methods, or tools perhaps

I have read articles on how some authors have reputation or preference for the way they jot down the words of the creative muse. Authors like Stephen King are well known for writing their first stories on old typewriters. Others like Neil Gaiman are known for using fountain pens.

While I may use my laptop when I can, since it is efficient. That and my views on autocorrect are mixed most of the time. However when I travel, or when I have to spend long days sitting outside I prefer to use a method that is old but practical. Of course the downside about using a pencil and paper, outside anyway is writing at night is difficult at times. Maybe difficult isn’t the right word to use there. It’s more of a lack of visual light, not inspirational flow. I can be productive using both, but part of me feels more productive using a pad and paper. Maybe it is the lack of easy distractions the Internet offers.

It is almost a paradox of thoughts. Do you have have a preference? Are you more productive with one method?

2 thoughts on “A question of methods, or tools perhaps

  1. I write my journal by hand using pens of varied ink colors, depending on my mood. When I tackle the first draft of a screenplay, I always use pen and a legal pad. Writing by hand slows the process and allows for thinking time. On the other hand, for the rest of my writing — fiction, nonfiction, essays — I use my laptop for all drafts. I used to have an IBM Selectric III typewriter which is now broken and awaiting me selling it for parts, and I did a lot of my writing on it. But I have now succumbed to the ease of writing on the computer. Cinda

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