New books

Once a summer, my local library has a sale. Being someone who loves books, I almost always go, the second day. While the books may be more picked over by than, the cheap price of each book is always a draw.

imageI may have picked up more books last year, but this years hull has some good reads. At least if the synopsis are anything to judge buy. While I attempted to pick up more science fictions books, since I’m lacking in that genre. All the books I picked up, are from authors I have never read anything from. Who knows I may find my next favorite author this way.

Does anyone else’s library have book sales? Have you ever picked out a book that became your new favorite? Find any books by  authors you have never heard of, or have overlooked in the past? Comment below, if you have answers to any of these.

2 thoughts on “New books

  1. The library here has a book sale at least once a year, but I’ve not ever gone to it! The big sale I usually go to is between Christmas and New Year’s at our local bricks-and-mortar science fiction, fantasy and mystery bookstore. They have tons of used books as well as new books, and I’ve always found something interesting there. I found “Mission of Gravity” by Hal Clement during one of those sales — a really intriguing sci fi novel that drops the reader into one of the strangest environments I’ve ever read. Cinda

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