Possible final synopsis for (????) Rise (Seasons of Dragons and Death)


A few months ago I posted a working synopsis for what was then titled,Rise (Death and a dragon).  Of course not really being done with the writing my synopsis was though out but lacked a few things I had already written in the story. Now that I have finished writing the story, I realized I should probably make an official or final one.

In a land of magic and steel, a banished prince that comes from a old line of Forgotten Kings, returns to his ruined kingdom to begin his revenge. An ancient and gifted mage, Aegis the Wise, who served the Forgotten Kings, becomes aware of this and begins to gather allies to fight the prince. In the midst of a blizzard he meets a small group of soldiers who , had just finished dealing with bandits and the rising bodies of their fallen comrades. Realizing the danger that this poses to Talora, the soldiers and the wizard agree to travel together to Raifare.

Invisible to both the soldiers and the wizard, an elven dreamwalker observes these events as they happen. Telling her lover Aro, who is captain of the guard for the elven king. Upon seeing an Oracle, she retrieves the name of two of the soldiers. Discretely she attempts to contact them using, two elven contacts who live with humans as elven spies.

Unaware of all this, a wizard of Arcania hatches two dragon eggs with help from a smuggler and secret pupil. Receiving a letter from an old friend about his former pupil returning, he sends a letter to a mutual friend they had in common. Upon receiving the letter, Valora is preoccupied attempting to figure out a trade route before the rivers can freeze.

Please comment your thoughts or areas it can be improved. Or just general thoughts if you want. I’m  looking for some feedback before I send it along with the manuscript to any publishers.

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