Cherished Blogfest: final day of treasured objects

After two days about posting about my love of music, it took me some thought to figure out what to post about for the third day. Than I realized it was something so simple, yet such a natural part of my life for so long I over looked it. I’m imagetalking about my love of comic books and books.  While my collection may not be large, nor is it small.

My comic book collection is a mix of publishers and creators some well known, others hide in obscurity. Take the comics in the center and on the left end. While Neil Gaiman is well known as an author, the two books I pictured that grace his name on the covers are relatively unknown. That is a little bit of a surprise since the comics briefly published under that label came from well known individuals including Leonard Nimoy.

imageOf course that being said I own others written or created by well known names, such as Jack Kirby, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Todd McFarlane, and many others. Some of them from well known publishers like Marvel,DC, Dark Horse, and Image. While most of the collection I have was stuff I purchased myself, I still cherish the stories and the worlds within. Whether the worlds are dark, like the worlds of, Batman, Spawn, or Hellboy. Even if they are full of characters who are strange such Sandman, Constaine, Death, and so many others. While some may argue that comics books and superheroes are meant for children, I disagree. Pictured below are some of my other favorites I picked out of my collection to display.

image image image image image image image image

imageHonestly like most writers, I love books. Maybe a little too much at times, haha. Part of that is I was an strange and shy growing up. I almost always had a book on me growing up. Sometimes to the complaint of my teachers, haha. The odd thing I hated reading books for class for the most part outside of a few books.  I always preferred to read something that actually sounded interesting instead of something that sounded predictable, dry, and boring. I despised being forced to slow down to keep up with the rest of the class, which made the books even more boring than they should have been.

 Despite all that I still grew up to love books. While some of my favorite authors are well known, for others it is hard to tell.  Take Christopher Paolini for example. His Inheritance series is well known for fantasy fans but outside of fans of that genre I find it doubtful he is known.  However authors like Stephen King, James Patterson, or Michael Crichton are authors whose name is well known.   Even writers like Guillermo del Toro may have some degree of  recognition for his  name for his movies Pacific Rim, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Orphanage, and Hellboy. His novels co-written with Chuck Hogan, titled the Strain Trilogy are defiantly less known. They are great reads for any fans of horror novels, and now have a tv show with the same name, which is also really good.


I believe some of the reason, I cherish books is they take you to new worlds. Even though my collection of novels, and comics books, and graphic novels may seem like a waste to some people. I love the adventures and worlds they transport you two. From worlds of magic and dragons, to worlds of monsters and killers, to worlds where mankind and aliens meet for the first time, to worlds filled with superheros and super-villains.  Sometimes my love of books makes me wish I lived a giant library filled with books from my favorite authors, writers I have never heard of, and any book that would be a good for read. Below are some more pictures of books I own. I apologize in advance if some of them are heard to read. My bookshelves are being moved around at the moment.

image image image image

5 thoughts on “Cherished Blogfest: final day of treasured objects

  1. Love your latest cherished “object.” I find myself agreeing with what you have to say! I too am a reader and comic book lover! (I actually recently did a post entitled “Comics are not just for 12 year-old boys”) Good choice here! XD


  2. Great post Christopher, and one I can really identify and empathise with. Some great books shown in the illustrations too! Really pleased to have discovered your blog via the Cherished Blogfest.

    Best wishes, Paul…

    Liked by 1 person

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