Cherished Blogfest: second round of treasured objects

imageIn my first post for the Cherished Blogfest, I talked my love of music. For my second post I’m continuing that theme, but for different reasons. Some of it is the memories that I associate with discovering some of the bands, or memories of who gave me the CDs, or some of the friendships I have developed with people all over the world. Take the Bad Religion cd, Stranger than fiction down in the lower right corner. One of my close friends from high school introduced to the band, and let me borrow his copy of the album. After one listen I fell in love with intelligently written lyrics and the band as a whole. Every album made by the band shares a sense of intelligence with the lyrics. I ended up buying the album for myself, it’s that good. imageThe two albums in the picture to the right of my text, on the left hand side both have a story behind them. Looking back at the first time I heard the band 10 years, (lower left corner) I was with my dad seeing them in concert with Korn and Mudvayne. I recall picking up the album less than a week later, after seeing the band live. The album above it, (Sound of Madness by Shinedown), has a concert ticket in it. My father, my sister and myself went to se them live. While I may not always get along with them, it is still a enjoyable memory. Even the Ramones album was a gift from my mom. It is still one of the best live albums I have ever heard. image Now onto the last picture of CDs. Like all the others these albums share a special place in my heart. Both the Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden albums were gifts from my dad. These albums were released before I was born, but they individually some of my favorite albums.  [Tangent: I actually met (well sort of) one of my closest friends through our mutual love of Iron Maiden and metal music online. After three years of getting to know her, she is one of my closet friends and one of the few who gets a sneak peak of stuff as I write.] The album in the lower left hand corner, Ballads n bullets by In Legend was another gift from my mom. However both albums pictured in the left side of the photo, take a slightly untraditional root for their music. Both use orchestral instruments in their music, giving their metal a neoclassical sound. The mix of albums I choose may seem like an odd combination, or even the genres of the band who made the album my seem strange to some people.  I will admit one of my favorite things about being a metal-head or a punk rocker, is this sense of community or family if you will, that comes with being a fan. While it may not be a tangible thing, I have met several friends that way. Sometimes in person, sometimes over the internet. The friendships may seem strange but I still cherish them. I doubt I will ever meet some of them in person, but I would still call them friends. This post is dedicated to them, and the music that made us friends.

Join the Cherished Blogfest

Join the Cherished Blogfest

7 thoughts on “Cherished Blogfest: second round of treasured objects

  1. music is a perfect cherished entity – both your posts show how influential it can be. i love my first ipod nano =) and i always keep older favorite songs reminding me of friends, fun times, and inspirations! great job with the blogfest!

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  2. Music has the ability to bring people together even when they may not have other (obvious) things in common. I have made friends through music that I would not have made otherwise. thanks for joining us in the blogfest.

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