Cherished blog-fest: What is my cherished object?

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Join the Cherished Blogfest

Ever since I signed up for the Cherished Blogfest, I was trying to figure what object to pick. After almost three weeks of thinking on what to pick, I realized I was overthinking it.  The object I decided to feature was my iPod. I have owned since my freshman year in college. As a self professed music junkie. I choose the 160gb version in black. ipod classic

It is almost always on, giving my life a soundtrack. After almost five years, it has 39,000 out of the 40,000 songs that can be put on it. Which after five years doesn’t sound as impressive as it could be. I could have purchased the iPod Touch instead but I wanted the storage over anything else. Yet I wouldn’t trade or think of selling it since they no longer make it.

Even though people say I may don’t look like a metal-head, or a punk rocker, or a fan of neoclassical guitar, or a hard rocker. Honestly it is an amusing to see their reactions when they realize that. I will admit music maybe the only thing I love as much as the written word. Hmm…what else can I say? I guess I could reveal some of my favorite bands.

14 thoughts on “Cherished blog-fest: What is my cherished object?

  1. To each, their own. We all travel to a different beat inside. I went through stages, rock and roll, soul and mostly pop music. Now I am into country music except most of the new stuff doesn’t do a thing for me. I liked it when I could recognize a singer by their voice but now days most sound alike if they can be heard..

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  2. Hello, visiting from the Cherished Blogfest! Being a bit of a music junkie myself, I loved this post. Thanks for giving me a couple of new bands to check out 😉


  3. I’m on the Cherished Blogfest too. Music is something I also can’t live without (though I don’t even have an ipod). Thanks for introducing me to some new music via the videos!


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