I can’t think of a clever title, so Wednesday Update

merlin wednesday gif

The past few days have been extremely productive. I finished (I think anyway, haha) writing on Rise (death and a Dragon). Even the more I think about it, the more I want to call the series something else. I’m pretty settled on Seasons of Dragons and Death. Given I keep hinting at things happening at winter’s end, it seems to be a fitting name. Hopefully I can work on some editing, before looking for Beta-readers. Also on that subject, I have began to redraw the map of Talora. I will post that once I add some more detail outside of the general shape of the land, and islands.

Outside of working on that, I’m working on a new project as part of a writing contest on inkitt.com. While it may not be fantasy, it goes back to my love of all things strange, fearsome, and dark. It is an expansion of my Six Sentence Stories #1.  You can preview it at the link, here.

Let me think… what else.  Now that I’m done with the hard part, I can began looking around for cover art. Which means I should probably work  on making a letter to send to publishers, along with a final synopsis. Also I have remade my author Facebook page. I’m still working on it so, forgive me if it is a little basic. Feel free to like on my main page or click here to check it out.

Well that is all I think.  Until I post again. Keep writing, and reading.

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