Overly productive weekend and a question.

After almost 4,000 words, Friday split between my current projects Rise (death and a dragon), and Anarchy. Along with an additional 2,500 words over the past two days, I’m feeling a case of the Mondays.

monday gif

Hopefully tomorrow will be better and my spark of creativity and inspiration will return with a torrent of thoughts. It would help if this strange sense of exhaustion will be gone as well, and the hiccups I can’t seem to get rid of today, for some reason.

Now on the question. Despite the exhaustion of my body, I couldn’t shake a thought today. There is old phrase, that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true than why are some people so set against counting graphic novels and comic books as actual stories. It doesn’t make sense to me. What are your thoughts? Should graphic novels be counted as complete literary novels, or should they not?  Or are they something else entirely?

Personally I think they should be, but I have some bias as someone who grew up reading comic books, and watching the shows that were inspired by them.  I’m curious to see what other people think on this matter. Please comment below, what your thoughts are. Are you against this? Are you for it? Or something else?

3 thoughts on “Overly productive weekend and a question.

  1. Of course comic books and graphic novels are stories! Of course some people don’t consider them “books,” but to me they definitely are. While I’m actually pretty picky about them and can’t get into many, I still completely see the value – I actually wish I could enjoy them more than I typically do. Then again, I’m not much of a visual person/thinker – words seem to connect better with me.


    • That is understanble. Of course given how some novelists allow their novels to be turned into a graphic novel or a series of them. Take for instance Stephan Kings’s novel the Stand or his epic fantasy series The Dark Tower, both have been turned into graphic novels. Even James Patterson has done this with his maximum ride series. Other authors like Joe hill, Neil Gaiman have written a few graphic novels.

      Than you have stuff like Fables: legends in exile that puts classic fairy tale characters in a modern setting, as they deal with lift, death, love, etc;

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