After 9 days in June…

Looking back at the beginning of the month from where I was there and where I am now. I have defiantly made progress, more than I though I would get in such a small window of time. While Rise (death and a dragon) is my main focus and progressed almost halfway to the goal I desire to reach by the end of the month of getting fifty pages added to it. Currently at 221 pages from the 199 pages it was at the beginning of the month, I’m excited and happy with my rate of progress. My progress in my superhero book/ graphic novel idea has been coming along much more slowly since that isn’t my focus at the moment, but I have manged to add a few pages to that as well here and there. The progress may not have been as rapid as I would like but progress is still progress.

Now to some none book/writing/author related news, I may be getting a job at a comic book store that one of my mom’s bosses wants to open. While I may not have the job yet or am certain I will, the guy wants my help to bring in customers and will pay me in comics. That makes the massive geek/nerd in me ecstatic.

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