Scrivener Simplified – How to Create your eBook in 60 Minutes – course review

Live to Write - Write to Live

As you know I’ve been working (forcing myself) to use Scrivener in my writing.

scrivener-512I tend to be a multiple project kind of worker. In the past, the way I’ve managed this is to create directories and folders (upon folders, upon folders.) As writers, you know that all it takes is to not pay attention when you save a file for it to get lost in another folder – which means you then have to waste time trying to track it down.


One of the beauties of Scrivener is that I can park all of my research, notes, and background material right in my Scrivener project. For someone like me, this is a Godsend.

I also found out that I can download Scrivener onto multiple systems in my household. While I do most of my work at my desk, I do have a portable tablet that I use for…

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