Writer’s block or burnt out

After managing to write close to 3,000 words Wendeday, the past few days have been slow. Which is slightly frustrating since the chapter I’m working on, is close to the middle of the book (I think anyway).  I have a basic outline of the next few chapters written of what I want to happen, in order to move the story forward,  Yet at the same moment, I have this blank stone wall, blocking my vision.  It is hard to tell if the wall is caused by sinus problems, since the temperature is being random where I live. Ah the great joys of summer (rolls eyes in sarcasm). Hopefully it  will fade and allow my mind to pass back to Talora, soon. The  only real upside, is I’m getting close to 200 pages, which surpasses the length of my first novel. Which I think is something to be a little proud of.  Well if all else fails I could always work on editing and making a more detailed map of Talora. Maybe a few character a sketches as well..

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