Update #3

Well as I search for another word for update, outside of progress or headway (haha). This update has three parts. The first one deals with an addition to the main page of the website, and the others do with story progress.

  1. Well I managed to get a “My works,” on the top of this page. It has a synopsis of my first book Nightshadow Chronicles. Also I have manged to organize my reviews page for books.
  2. Progress with Rise (death and a dragon) has been steady, and now totals over 67,000 words. With a 125 pages and growing by 3-5 pages a day.
  3. My story “Anarchy,” has managed to get a considerable progress over a short amount of time. Now 2,500 words in and six pages including a small prologue. However I will admit the more I write it, the more I feel like it would make a decent graphic novel. Downside, I can’t draw people consistently to save my own life. Maybe I will just write it out, being descriptively as I can and find someone to draw it.

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