Step-by-step creating a project in Scrivener

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Last time I posted, I told you about how I was going to learn Scrivener by designing and writing a book in Scrivener (trial by fire.) As I am at the end of the semester (with papers to correct and final projects to discuss) I don’t have a heck of a lot of time, but I did manage to set up part of my project.

scrivener-512As an aside, I want to remind you that I’m writing a non-fiction book. Using a non-fiction project to learn this tool is a heck of a lot easier than using a fiction project. Although there are many similarities (memoir/fiction) I don’t have to worry about characters and plots as much.

Also, I’m learning this tool with the book Scrivener for Dummies in hand. It may not be the most creative approach to writing a manuscript, but I’m killing both of those birds with one…

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